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    Simplify your life and protect the planet

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    Ecobox Europe by TBC

    Use the Xerox recycling programs to protect the planet.

    Ecobox Europe gives you access to the Ecobox and the Single Item Return programs.

    Ecobox configuration screen Withdrawal and order

    Ecobox: how does it work ?

    The Ecobox is a cardboard box used to recover used Xerox consumables. It can contain up to 15 items.

    Ecobox Europe allows you to order empty Ecoboxes directly from the touchscreen of your Xerox device.

    Once the Ecoboxes are filled and sealed, the App allows you to download and print the ready-to-use labels to stick on them. They are then ready to be collected by a transporter and recycled.

    Single Item Return: how does it work ?

    To return smaller packages containing 1 to 5 items to be recycled, choose the Single Item Return program.

    Simply use the touchscreen of your Xerox device to download and print up to 5 ready-to-use labels then stick them onto the packages.

    The packages are then ready to be taken to the nearest accredited transporter where they will be transported to the Xerox sorting centre.




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