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    Track, Monitor, Control and Secure your MFD photocopiers and wide format printers with Papercut Print Management Software

    Papercut is a low cost application that allows you to take full control and manage your office printers, copiers, multi function devices and wide format printers. The software is designed to eliminate waste, encourage responsible printing behaviour and make departments accountable for their usage.

    Paper cut is suitable for any business regardless of size and can be applied across most technology brands. Currently used in over 50,000 organisations and institutions worldwide – with over 20 language options, Papercut is a product your business can truly rely on.

    In the standard office environment, many people are guilty of sending the document to the printer with no immediate intention of collecting it – resulting in significant wasted paper and ink/toner. This lack of responsible printing also presents data breach risks, as the documents sitting on top of the printer could get into the wrong hands or the wrong person could see confidential information.

    copying paper from Photocopier with access control for scanning

    Papercut secure print release

    Do you often find wasted documents left uncollected on your MFP? Many companies have significantly increased spend in protecting their digital infrastructure and data; however, risks and breaches can simply happen by uncollected documents being left on top of the printer.

    PaperCut print release is a simple solution that places the print job in a “held” state until released at the printer by the end-user. Users can send multiple jobs to the que and release individual documents for when they are required.

    Multi function printer embedded software version of papercut

    PaperCut print release is a simple solution that places the print job in a “held” state until released at the printer by the end user. Users can send multiple jobs to the que and release individual documents for when they are required.

    Multifunction printer card release

    Secure release is a solution that leverages commodity of off-the-shelf USB card readers available from multiple manufacturers. The Fast Release Card Readers are connected to the network (not the printer) allowing them to be used with any printer on the market, and the desired USB card reader is attached to the Fast Release Card Reader. It’s an ideal solution for printers that do not support embedded applications.

    The Fast Release solution works as follows:

    • The user prints to hold/release queue or a global virtual print queue, where jobs are held awaiting release.
    • The user walks up to the printer and presents their identity card to the USB card reader attached to the Fast Release Terminal.
    • Compatible USB Keyboards and PIN Pads can be used to enable user authentication via user ID number.
    • PaperCut validates the user’s credentials and releases their jobs to the adjacent printer.

    Dramatically your paper consumption and toner wastage

    Powerful insight in to your businesses print environment. Track who is printing what and produce detailed reports that can highlight wasteful print habits. You can even assign limits or quotas on individual users or entire departments to make sure print costs align with your budget.

    We have found that some of our customers have managed to reduce their overall print costs by an additional 15% after installing Papercut on their printer.

    Papercut MF complete control over Print, Copy, Scan and Fax. A low cost software application that lets you take control and manage your printers, copiers and multi-function devices

    • Secure print release
    • Client billing
    • Turn your scans into text-searchable and editable documents in seconds.
    • Encourage responsible printing via pop-ups
    • Automatically route large print jobs to detect high volume printers
    • Suggest cost effective devices
    • Convert jobs to grayscale and duplex
    • Reduce IT administrators need to manage multiple print drivers and queues for both workstations and notebooks

    Papercut NG a simple print only management solution

    • Scalable across multiple company sites
    • True enterprise-wide license with no limits on the number of servers, workstations, printers, operating systems or domains
    • Client/dept billing
    • Secure print release

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