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    We are working to advance child digital safety and wellbeing to a level no one could have imagined just a few years ago.

    Our solutions support every member of the school community. They also harmonise into a Digital Safety and Wellbeing Framework. It gives leaders a practical roadmap to help elevate and strengthen provision in a more manageable way. Our digital safety and wellbeing solutions are the most comprehensive in the world. One in three schools rely on them to help safeguard tens of thousands of children in the UK every single day.

    Helping schools make sense of the technologies and solutions available to help them.

    Smoothwall Solutions

    Prevention & Enablement

    Solutions in this pillar deliver greatest impact by helping to minimise students’ exposure to known risks.
    When known risks are mitigated schools can begin to reduce the need for interventions.

    Web filtering solutions that help prevent students from seeing inappropriate, harmful or dangerous content live here.

    So do classroom management tools that help minimise exposure to distractions in the digital classroom, giving teachers full control to keep students focused and on-task.

    Prevention and enablement are the first steps in a school’s digital safety and wellbeing strategy.

    Smoothwall Filter

    Provides the safest filtering possible
    Content-aware, 100% real-time filtering protects students in real-time, all of the time.

    Promotes rich, age-appropriate learning
    Blocks pages, not sites, to eliminate overblocking and promote productive online experiences.

    Choice of deployment
    Available as on-premise, cloud or hybrid deployments.

    The best-in-class web filtering for UK education
    Smoothwall Filter is recognised as an Accredited Filter Provider with the UK Safer Internet Centre (UK SIC).

    Smoothwall Firewall

    Next generation firewall
    Combines Layer 7 application control with perimeter firewall and stateful packet inspection to provide next-generation firewall functionality.

    Intrusion detection and prevention
    Monitor, report on and react to any malicious attacks on your system.

    Real-time dynamic filter
    Combines with Smoothwall’s pioneering web filter.

    Smoothwall Solutions

    Early Detection & Intervention

    Solutions in this pillar help provide vital insight if students’ online behaviours suggest they may be at risk or vulnerable in an area of their lives.
    They also provide a channel for students to speak up and express how they are feeling – either about themselves or things that are happening in their lives.

    Solutions in this pillar can let schools know if a student is suspected of being in harm’s way or starting to become vulnerable, They can also help identify the causative factors behind unsafe online searches identified by the web filter.

    Early detection and intervention solutions helps schools to spot risks they may not otherwise see and help prevent vulnerable students from slipping under the radar.

    Early detection and intervention solutions work hand-in-hand with prevention and enablement tools to provide a meaningful and responsive digital safety and wellbeing provision.

    Record Manager

    Student safety

    Enables designated staff to see and respond to safeguarding concerns any time and on any device.

    Helps make invisible risks, visible

    Allows visibility of trends and risk patterns that may otherwise go unseen.

    Wellbeing analysis and management

    Eliminates the need for traditional day books or CP files. Keeps task management dynamic and efficient.


    Human-moderated, 24/7, 365

    Advanced behavioural technology and highly-trained human moderators alert designated staff to children suspected of becoming vulnerable.

    Helps designated staff to spot at-risk students who may otherwise go unnoticed

    Monitor can help detect children suspected to be at risk far beyond what a teacher’s eyes and ears alone can achieve.

    Peace of mind for schools and parents alike

    Schools can concentrate on supporting and educating students, with the peace of mind that if Monitor detects a potential online incident, they will be alerted within minutes.


    Instant visibility of student wellbeing

    60-second weekly check-ins give school leaders visibility of wellbeing levels across the school, years and classes.

    Provides a channel for students to speak up

    Vulnerable students can be better supported, including targeted and rapid interventions, if needed.

    Contributes to positive culture building

    Encourages gratitude. Students can give a shout-out to a fellow student or a staff member.

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